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Is parking difficult?

Initially yes. After training with ANE Driving School it becomes amazingly easy.  You will very soon find that your ability to be a safe driver on the road takes a bit more effort than learning to park. No one should ever desire a driver's license if they are not hundred per cent comfortable and able to navigate all driving circumstances which are possible on the road.

N.B. – your K53 parking (YARD TEST) is important in the sense that it is your ticket to do the road exam.

Whether you live in Pretoria East, Centurion, Midrand, or even Capetown your K53 yard exam will never change.

  • An ANE Driving School qualified instructor.
  • A K53 yard with exact measurements.( The yard test is standardized.)ANE Driving School has standard replica exam yards in Pretoria East, Centurion, and Midrand.
  • There are no other drivers intimidating you.
  • You have lots of time. No rush no pressure.
  • There is only one SECRET that will make all parking easy.
  • Nothing can be altered.
  • The K53 order that needs to be followed is the same at all the parking spaces.
  • The movements are all minimum ability requirements.
  • ANE Driving School vehicles are easy to drive.
  • The only possibility of a change in your exam is that you never know what slope you are going to get. SOLUTION: The yard you will practice at with ANE Driving School will have all the directions and severity of slopes possible. NO FEAR.

For as little as R25 you can practice in this yard for up to 2 hours. This you can do as many times as you like. Remember perfect practice makes perfect so call ANE Driving School to show you the perfect way.
A driver's license is a formality.

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ANE Driving School was registered by the founder in 1965. ANE was registered by André van der Walt (Snr). Little did he then know that the foundation it was built on would be so sturdy that the business would still be in existence to this day.

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